Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I knew it would happen, but it's still surprising.
I'm not so into spit. Kid spit, dog spit, any spit seems pretty disgusting to me. My neices, when very little, would "kiss" us, which meant a very sloppy open-mouthed smack. I was not so excited by it, but feared visibly wincing (or wiping) would be rude. I'd heard that with motherhood came a magical acceptance of spit. (People call it drool, I think, to make it sound better). And my baby drools. All the time. She's like a wee snail, leaving wet slime tracks wherever she goes.
To be honest, I am not super excited by her spit. But the magic has occurred. I don't mind it nearly as much as I should.
Today I lay on my back and held her up over me. She loves touching our faces, and in this position, she has prime access (with the added benefit of my hair being out of the way so she doesn't grab it with her kung-fu grip).
Incidentally, when she grabs my nose, I honk. She laughs. It's hours of fun. (Cause and effect isn't too strong yet--she laughs, but makes no move to grab again.)
So anyway, while I held her over me, I lowered her body so she was propped up on my chest, her face a few inches from mine. She was pushed up on her hands.
Then she sort of dipped down, so she was right in my face. Nose to nose. It was slightly disconcerting, because the string of drool very slooowly made it's drippy way onto my cheek.
But I was okay with it, because her cute face was right there. I laughed.
Then she dipped even further down and started sucking on my cheek.
It was a very odd sensation.
Mind you, this baby sucks on my body parts quite a lot. But the face?
I knew I was a mommy when I didn't even mind.
I am a glutton for baby affection.
Sloppy open mouthed kisses, here we come!


jeanie said...

that is so cute - unfortunately the mummy love does stop just short of the other stuff that sometimes comes from that end of the baby (which here is also colloquially known as "spit")!

Its not until you are doing things that you mention in your post and they hurl that you realise that the old gag reflex you had when your siblings got carsick still can apply!!!

Enjoy all the good bits!

Heather said...

In another development: she drooled in my eye last night.
I am mommy, hear me roar.