Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a book series I won't be investing in...I think

I stumbled upon these books on Amazon (sadly, I can't remember how I ended up finding them).
Now, at first, I thought, these books are awesome! Maybe I should get some! I mean, what kid wouldn't want to read about scabs and poop? And why shouldn't they?
But then I started reading the reviews.
They were a little less than complementary.
On the other hand, they were hilarious. Apparently these books are imports from japan, and like many things, just didn't translate all that well.
A sample follows:
About "Everyone Poops": "...Later on, they are told that it comes in different shapes, colors, and smells, and that, depending on who is doing it, it is done in different places. The summarizing statement is that "all living things eat, so everyone poops." However, there is never any explanation offered as to why....In case the message hasn't sunk in, the final spread presents a chorus line of creatures, backsides forward, each producing poop...."
About "The Gas We Pass": The drearily colored, amateur line cartoons depict a family of no particular race and zoo animals with sound balloons, such as "BURP!" and "BAAROOMM" being emitted from both ends."
About "The Holes in Your Nose": There are some imports that just shouldn't make the crossing, and this study of nostrils is one of them. ....Unfortunately, the book goes more than slightly overboard in its exploration of nasal passages. For example, a gorilla with a runny nose denies the offer of a tissue, saying that he plans to "let it dry then pick it off and eat it." Even the hardiest readers may find themselves opting out of this one."
Describing"Breasts": The rambling text explains that women have breasts so they can make milk and feed it to their babies, but that men, even Sumo wrestlers who have big breasts, dont make milk. The milk ducts look like cauliflower florets in a strainer and the drawings of a baby and its mothers breast look more like the child is playing with Snoopys nose or two Junior Mints.

I love that: strained cauliflower and Snoopy's nose. There you go. I might never have to post again.

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