Saturday, November 10, 2007


So at 11 pm last night, I remembered I hadn't posted. And I didn't get up! For shame! See, I am already not posting on Sundays, and I was really tired and I just didn't think it was a big deal. Well, actually, I had a little argument with myself about whether I should get up, and I don't remember who one, because I fell asleep in the middle of it.
Last night's sleep was crappy. Not newborn crappy, just mildly crappy. But the problem is that we've gotten a bit carefree, what with the predictably-sleeping child, and so we've been going to bed a bit late. And so when she wakes us up two times, and then gets up early, it is hard not to lose my cool.
I like being able to be carefree. Except these babies, they really want to rub it in that they are in control, and any plans for long stretches of sleep you make are subject to their veto. It is a very powerful veto.
Let's hope tonight is better. There's always that (slim) chance. Usually once her sleep gets bad we have to do something slightly forceful to get it back on track. Ugh.

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