Thursday, November 29, 2007


I shouldn't pay attention to my moods. You know, the moods where you don't possibly have the energy to edit a piece of writing after the child goes to bed--you just need a glass of red wine and the TV on. That mood, it lies. It is a lying liar.
But the good news is I ignored it, and the piece is better!
And I'm done posting for the day.


tODD said...

Just to make sure we're on the same page here, "that mood" is only a liar because of the TV part, right? Any mood that tells me I need a glass of wine is pretty much truthful by definition — in vino veritas, right? Sure, could be a beer.

Maybe this is why you have (ish) an advanced degree and I don't?

Melissa said...

Lying liar moods.

Yay you!

(Can you tell I haven't slept this week?)

Katie said...

-We should never let our emotional state or mood get in the way of common sense! Of course not! I only wish my common sense would speak up!