Thursday, November 15, 2007


Two things are brokey around here.
1. My committment to NaBloPoMo. Oh, sweet innocence, beleiving that I could post each day!
2. My laptop. This is one reason for #1. The other day I was sitting, probably checking email, and the screen flickered a few times, and then went from looking like a computer screen to a weird moonscape portrait in a few seconds. Like all weird silver and grey shadows. I didn't think that boded well for my computer.
Things to be thankful for: My computer failed less than one week after I printed off my thesis and handed it in. I have hard copies, but I don't think I needed the added stress of retyping a 100-plus page manuscript.
I had hopes that it was just my monitor that went bad, but last night we connected the computer to another monitor, and found that a) my laptop monitor works okay and b) the computer is not working okay--ie, it didn't work well enough for me to back up my files.
So, I am going to try with NaBloPoMo, but the obstacles, they are more daunting now.

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