Monday, November 5, 2007

writing wrong

So I got my packet for the Write-a-Wrong-a-Thon via email today. Opened the PDF and saw a few pictures of Christian religious leaders in various countries who have been imprisoned for their faith.
Something about pictures conveys the reality of that more than just words.
Anyway, one part of the campaign is to have people sponsor you. I write a letter, you pledge $. Then I donate it all to the organization.
I hate asking people for money, and I immediately was like, not going to do that.
Then I thought, well, I'll just post how I hate asking people for money on my blog, and if people are led, and have some extra centavos, they can contribute if they want to.
Since NaBloPoMo and this WaWaT dovetail nicely, I'll try to do updates here on my blog. I think I'm going to try to write a letter now: to Dmitry Shestakov, an imprisoned pastor in Uzbekistan.
But in less encouraging news, I opened the (real) mail today and found my letter to Myanmar returned to me for "insufficient address." I used the address from Amnesty International. My poor, forlorn letter little letter probably didn't even make it past the US.
So I guess I have to try again. If anyone knows the address for Foreign Minister Nyan Win, let me know.

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