Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Last night I dreamed that I had a very serious discussion (kind of an intervention) with my mother -in-law and Dyami. Except it wasn't my actual mother-in-law, Donna, it was some other woman with blonde hair. In the dream, I knew she wasn't Dyami's mom or my mom, but some other woman somehow related to us. She was very kind, but she told me that Dyami had been worrying/complaining for a while about my laziness. I mean, my laziness was just appalling.
In the dream, I took this very seriously, and felt really bad. How could i not have realized how lazy I was? I wondered.
Then I told this woman that we really needed to get together more often, maybe over lunch, because I didn't really feel I knew her that well.
Of course, when I woke up, I realized how odd--how really odd--the dream was. First of all, who the heck was this woman? And how exactly is she an in-law without being related to Dyami? Second of all, what is my psyche thinking? Lazy? Where did that come from? I know for a fact that is not one of Dyami's pet peeves about me. Right, Honey? Honey?
Perhaps it's residual guilt or something over the fact that I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night and the night before. Instead of cleaning the bathtub, or whatever non-lazy people do.
I wish we could order our dreams, so I could get rid of these kinds. And the dreams where I've registered for a (history/math/Spanish) class, forgotten to drop it, and forget to attend the whole semester. That one's always fun.
Really, though, I kind of want to meet this in-law woman, despite her intervention. She was really nice.


tODD said...

Dreams are weird. I think the vast number of dreams I remember are set either in high school or college. These dreams tend to coincide with times of heightened anxiety for me, since the class-I-didn't-attend dream seems to be my mind's go-to metaphor for stress (and in my case, is not too far from what happened with at least one course, though I was intentionally absent, which led to great stress, though fewer 9am classes). I guess it's a blessing that the most memorable stress in my life happened over 10 years ago.

Diana said...

Ooo, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who has the forgotten class dream. I thought I was just alone in my neurosis, but now I feel so much better. Except when I have the dream. Really, nothing makes that feel better.