Friday, November 23, 2007


I went to a party tonight of mostly people I knew from high school. Some socially adept people I know actually stay in touch with multiple people from back then, and they brought us all back together. It was really fun.
I'm amazed, at these shindigs, at how socially inept I often was in high school, how scared of my peers I was. How did that happen? (Perhaps Jr. High had something to do with it?) And it's so lovely to see people that sort of intimidated me (for some reason) back then, and realize there's nothing scary about them, that in fact, they're fun to talk to.
Also, it's lovely to see people who didn't intimidate me, and catch up with how they're doing.
Time can be a very lovely thing. You change into a whole different person without even realizing it's happening.

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