Saturday, November 17, 2007


Having Lucy communicate feels really good, like winning the lottery or something. Sure, it can be a little hit or miss--("Lucy, do you want some food?" "No. No." (while reaching for it), but the contrast from before is marked. Before, communicating was sort of lreading tea leaves. Sure, there might besomething to it--or it might be an overactive imagination. But now, now I'm sure, sometimes that she wants this, or will do something without protest. For example: if I ask, "Lucy, do you want to switch sides" (when nursing), if she nods, then she'll unlatch and not protest if I lift her up and switch sides.
That is astounding.

Some of you might ask what "before" was, and I don't really know. Everything is so gradual, so fleeting, that one day you're wondering, did t that mean what I think it meant? and the next you're telling her to clean her room.
Well, maybe by tomorrow.

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