Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Adventures of Brazilla

We emerged from a dry creative period over here (crayons, puzzles, games were all uninteresting) to a flowering of writing. Lucy is producing her own series of books: Dora and the Princesses. We have almost no gear of either character, nor do we watch any shows/movies featuring these characters, so we needed to add some to our house. Hmmm.
Actually, the princesses of our series are not the pastel-hued Disney royalty (though Lucy loves them, loves them with a ferverent love) but our own creations: Brazilla and Erma. They lend Dora their old gowns and try to keep their jeweled silverware from being stolen by little girls named Rosie and defend themselves with Bubblegum Blue! Whatever that is! And all is beautiful, and they all love their balls, and dresses and tea parties, and they say so, often.
As a writer, I noted with interest that the first book went fast, and the pages were fille,d but by the third, it was harder to come up with new ideas.
Welcome to my world, Lucy.

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