Thursday, September 2, 2010

all of a sudden

My friend Melissa is relaxing with her new baby (perhaps "relaxing" is the wrong word?) a few friends are guest-posting at her blog. Today is my turn. Check out the fun at Making Things Up!

A week ago, Julia made her way over to the coffee table, placed one hand on the side, and pulled herself up to a standing position.

Now she is attempting open-heart surgery.

Okay, not really. But what is it about these milestones that thrusts babies into a completely different continuum? It’s like each new skill is a rocket launch propelling them forwards. Now I can’t get her to lie flat while changing her diaper, she’s grabbing items off the grocery shelves, shrieking in the car, and working on her dissertation.

Sure, I want her to grow and change and develop, but I always expect this nice even ascent, instead of a blast-off.

We should really put babies on intractable problems, like global warming and texting while driving. Surely that forward drive could be used for something other than ejecting naked bums off of changing pads.

Join us all tomorrow for my turn hosting Six Week Fridays. Tomorrow's topic? TRANSFORM. Changes, metamorphoses, or Decepticons. Get more info (and cool buttons) here.


Heather M. said...

I saw this post on Making Things Up, and this rings so very true for me. My seven-month-old just figured out the crawling thing this weekend, and now he's pulling himself to a stand and knocking things off the coffee table. These kids need to SLOW DOWN. Just for a minute, so we can catch our breath.

Heather said...

Welcome, Heather. nice name. Currently, Julia's very into toilet paper, sticking hands in toilets, and pounding on a toilet-seat cover. Hmmm. Theme anyone?