Sunday, September 26, 2010

but I'm saving us money

So I'm about a month into clipping coupons and trying to shop more strategically. I've scored some pretty good bargains, and also returned some things that weren't actually, and also probably bought stuff we don't need.

I cant decide: Am I being responsible to pay less for things that we use, anyway? Is it better to not spend so much time thinking about buying stuff, because I tend to, well, buy more stuff? Do I concentrate less on material things, but use more of our resources to buy said material things? Or do I pay more attention to our spending, and then get fixated?

Perhaps if I weren't such an extremist when it came to projects I could find a healthier balance.

Incidentally, if you like buying a lot of non-essentials, clipping coupons is truly the way to go. If you want to get nearly-free air fresheners, man, I could really set you up. There are about a million and one coupons out there for Glade. The margarine that we buy every week? Not so much.

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