Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the clothes continuum

I spent some time last night sorting out the hand-me-down clothes bins: to-be-worn stuff for Lucy, and (mostly) Lucy's cast-offs for Julia.
Once upon a time, these were mostly sorted.
Then we had a baby, and moved, and, well, not so sorted anymore.

It was a bittersweet time. Sweet to look over favorite clothes of Lucy's and anticipate them gracing another little girl. Difficult, because nearly all of the clothes that Julia will wear next seem like "girl" clothes to me, and not "baby" clothes.

Her first year happened pretty quickly, though I don't know if I've thought of it being fast. Except looking at the clothes, I realize it has. Surely it took Lucy years to get big enough to wear that pink dress? Those black shoes? To wear the little skirt I made? Surely she was bigger than one, or two when that happened?
Except no, she wasn't.
Ah, me. These babies. THey persist in getting bigger, ever more quickly.

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