Friday, September 24, 2010

thankful, sorta

Stomach flu only lasted a day.

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Elle said...

Yay for it only lasting a day. Boo to it even coming at all. :)

kate said...

glad it passed. washing sheets now?

Anonymous said...

Yay! Even with the brevity, the post is profound!

Melissa said...

Phew! Could have been much nastier.

Kelly said...

Thankful is an amazingly perfect word
for rapidly passing sickness. Thankful indeed.

Heather said...

thanks, all.
Washing sheets. So, so many sheets.
Also: towels, washcloths, sinks, toilets, clothes.
Why does the household vomit, too?

And yes, could have been nastier.
Though do not want to imagine.
How does one parent while puking?
Did not have morning sickness, really.
Perhaps God knew I'm a baby.