Sunday, September 19, 2010


Another interest we're pursuing right now? Dinosaurs. Lucy inevitably is drawn to the books targeted at 8-year-old boys, with (fairly) graphic pictures of T Rexes dismembering a triceratops. WHich I refuse to bring home.
However, other than this, dinosaurs are great fun. Perhaps the best time we've had is yesterday, when Lucy decided to draw some dinosaur bones. She drew a picture of a green monster, all knees and elbows, with big pincers (hash marks all over one mystery appendage), and on another sheet, a crooked, purple tooth.
Then she told me about how fearsome the "bronkisaurus" was, how long it's teeth were, how sharp its pincers.
"I'm so scared!" I said, throwing up my hands.
She patted my shoulder. "Don't worry about the bronkisaurus, Mama. It's just pretend."

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