Monday, November 10, 2008

blah blah blah

Today was a blah day. Lucy's got the clear tracks down her face, slept oh-so-poorly last night, kept us up, and we are tired from traveling and from the giant mountain of laundry and post-packing chaos of our house. Dyami kept asking me if I was okay today. I was, I just didn't have enough energy to have a facial expression.
But. The wee one is in bed, we have high (possibly vain) hopes that she'll sleep better (longer than 20-minute stretches would be great!), and the house somehow got picked up by my half-hearted attempts to attack the clutter. Everything is still viciously dusty, but I Do Not Care.
Now that posting is out of the way (yay doldroms!) I'm going to go finish a Christmas Crunchy Granola Nut Job Craft Project.
Wish me luck.


Melissa said...

Does the craft involve actual granola or nuts? Just asking.

Hope you have energy for your face again very very soon. :)

Heather said...

No nuts or grains. But felting! It involves felting.
Question: When you buy the super-natural wool roving from the lady in Nebraska that just came in from the barn to answer the phone (no joke, she had to put me on "hold" while she came in), the wool will have things embedded in it, like grass and specks of things that were probably in said barn. Do you decide that this is part of the charm of the felting project? Or do you pick at the things (in vain) or reinvent the cotton gin for wool? Answers, please. Along with a diagram for the gin.