Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Our cat, Eleanor (Na-Nor) is a source of much joy/sorrow, fear/loathing/happiness and other confusing back-and-forths for Lucy. She loves her! She's frightened of her! She wants her in! She wants her out! She wants kisses! She wants her to get the heck away from her, Right Now!
Typical exchange:
"Na-nor! In"
I open the door. Eleanor obediently comes in.
"Na-nor. Kisses."
Obedient (well, actually, indifferent) kisses/sniffs of the hand.
"Na-nor. Scratch. You. Me."
Runs and grabs hold of Momma's leg. Regards cat warily.
"Help. Na-Nor. Food."
Runs forward, digs kibble out of dish, places it next to Eleanor's mouth. Runs back to momma.
"Scairt. Na-Nor. Scairt. Scratch. You. Me. Momma. Up!"
Momma lifts up Lucy.
"Na-Nor. Out. Scairt."

Not that I can blame the kid, really. Eleanor is mercurial herself. But I keep trying to explain to Lucy that the cat can not scratch her if she's sitting across the room on top of a chair. It's just not gonna happen.
The other day, I caught Lucy shaking a set of measuring spoons at the cat, trying to shoo her away. What's next, mediation?

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