Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's raining here. It's not a downpour or anything--just a steady drizzle.
This was the TOP ITEM on local news last night.
When there are terrorist attacks in India.

Really? A rain shower that's lasting more than a half-hour trumps the 100 people being held hostage in various hotels?

Plus the spin on the rain was "Wow, how will affect your T-day plans? Are people complaining?"
When we're in a multi-year drought and we're about to start mandatory water cutbacks that will affect one of our major industries in the state (agriculture)?
Really? Really Fox News? Really?

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Diana said...

Not to mention it's a holiday where you, usually, spend most of it indoors cooking or eating. I suppose if you were making divinity, the humidity might get in the way. But only life and death for divinity. And that's not even a Thanksgiving food.