Monday, November 3, 2008

Notes on bedtime

1. The really good tips from Hack Mommy regarding bedtime? They'll work!
2. Well, by work, I mean, like a charm for four glorious days. Then there will be Halloween.
3. That Halloween candy--just a little bit, come on!--that you let your daughter have? Not a good idea.
4. Yes, two year olds have nightmares.
5. For the record, the nightmares involved a scary lion (roar) and an elephant with big eyes. (Or as Lucy puts it: "Lion. Come. (Nodding) Dream. (Wide eyes.) Roar. Scairt. Elephant (Nodding). Eyes. Beg."
6. It takes two days (approximately) to convince said child that the safari animals will not be making another appearance.
7. Add daylight savings. Shake/stir, whatever you feel like.

Result? Momma waits in the bedroom for an hour while the child falls asleep, just to keep the peace and her sanity intact while Dada's out of town for the night.


Melissa said...

There should be a rule about not going out of town past bedtime. Seriously.

Heather said...

You ain't joking.