Saturday, December 9, 2006

day three

So day two was not a resounding success.
It was better than the alternative, but only because I had a plan.
Even if said plan wasn't working.

Here's how nap time went at ten and three:
Pee/poop, wrap up.
Nurse. Kick slightly. Kick harder. Wiggle uncontrollably.
Does she have to poop/pee?
Poop/Pee (unsuccessfully). Wrap up.
Nurse Kick slightly. Kick harder. Wiggle uncontrollably.
Etc., etc.
This is what we did for two hours (with some floor-time breaks).

God was kind to me and Dyami managed to come home early, so I at least had company (though he was trying to take a nap himself. Poor guy--she sure wasn't making it easy).
At about 5:30, I gave up. She'd had a total of a half hour of sleep. She kept rubbing her eyes, tiredly. I was slightly wild-eyed, myself.

So we tried a morning nap today. Here's what happened:
Pee/poop, wrap up.
Nurse. Kick slightly. Kick harder. Wiggle uncontrollably.
I was running through options in my head. Then it occurred to me.
I undid her swaddle. She stretched her arms out and relaxed.
She nursed to sleep. No more wiggling.
(It's funny, this morning before this happened, I had been wondering: three months is about when they outgrow swaddling. How am I going to know she has outgrown the swaddle?)

So my next problem: she has almost never been moved successfully while sleeping while unswaddled. I've tried. Lord, how I've tried (recently, too).
I took a deep breath and slid my hands under her neck and her bum. I swept her over the floor and into the hammock. She stirred (flailed her arms, opened her eyes).
"Shhhhh," I told her. "Go back to sleep."
To my surprise, she did.
It has now been ten minutes.

Pray, people. Pray.

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