Friday, December 8, 2006

day two

So it's day two of our nap experimentation. It's tiring, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
On the plus side of the equation, she's taken three naps today so far: one at 8 am, one at 1, and 1 starting about a half hour ago. She is still asleep for nap 3.
This is miraculous--because each time, I intended her to nap. There has not been any sleeping on my lap or in the sling today.
On the negative side, I tried putting her down for nap #2 from approximately 10 am-1 pm. It was very stressful, hard work. I collapsed on the sofa by the time she fell asleep. For a half hour.
I think that was hard because she wasn't ready to nap, and so I was going upstream. I learned from my mistake and getting her down at three was a one-shot deal.
And yesterday when she fell asleep at 3, she slept for a loooong time. Nearly two hours. So I'm having a needed respite from baby care.
Also on the positive side: my tea arrived from Canada. From Canada? you ask. Yes. Murchies' Empress Afternoon tea. So smooooooth. I already got Sarah, aka Nature's Mom, hooked on the stuff. Yesterday when I went to Hack Mommy's house, I took five teabags as a thank offering. Heh heh hehheh. I'm a pusher.

Here's the story of Empress Tea.
Dyami and I went to Vancouver and Victoria for our honeymoon. Victoria was my favorite. It's an island, and the seat of government for British Colombia. The downtown is quaint, with a beautiful Parliament building and a hotel, the Empress Hotel.
You can go have high tea there for an obscene amount of money. Even obscene with the favorable exchange rate. It's ridiculous to go have high tea there.
I made Dyami take me.
It was our honeymoon, for Pete's sake!
We were waited on by Luba, a woman with a very convincing European Accent.
We had strawberries with clotted cream (tastier than it sounds) and little sandwiches that dyami hated (blame the mayo) and...
absolutely fabulous tea.
Then, they really stick it to you in the end. They give you a sample pack of the tea they serve. Twelve teabags.
Laced with heroin.

So what could I do when we got home but order myself some more?
That was four years ago.
I order 200 bags at a time.
I let myself have one tea a day. Unless it's a special day.
I think today qualified as one, don't you?

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