Tuesday, December 19, 2006

hypochondriac mommy

Every day I have a new diagnosis for Lucy.
I think my pro mommy friends are slightly bemused by my symptom-checking.
Today I think she's teething. (sure, it's early, but she is advanced for her age). Yesterday she had severe allergies to everything. The day before, she was sleep-deprived.
What might really be wrong?
I may have figured it out....she's a baby! And babies have unexplained crying jags sometimes! And don't always sleep well! And can be cranky and demanding!
The problem with this final diagnosis is that there is no hope of fixing it. She's going to be a baby for a while. And nothing to do to fix what is wrong, if there is nothing wrong. Just a sigh and accept our lot for now and hope that she will grow out of it.
Thankfully, one thing guaranteed about babyhood is that they do grow out of it.

Please tell me they do.

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Melissa said...

She will grow out of it. The babyhood, I mean. They almost always do. ;)