Monday, December 18, 2006


I forget what day we're on. But there has been sleep progress.
First, I just have to say I have an amazing husband. The last few nights, I've been ursing Lucy almost to sleep and he's been picking her up, taking her to the hammock, and getting her to fall back asleep if she wakes up. Which she has, every night. He rocks her, he sings to her, he woos her. Even if she's somewhat upset, he's got the magic touch
I am in awe. When I have an awake, upset baby, I pop boob A in mouth B. It's a skill, but it has its limits.
Having Dyami take over some of the night sleep wooing lowered my blood pressure about 20 points. (What percentage of blood pressure would that be? It's good, when writing, to be specific, but not so much if it means you're laughingly inaccurate. Like, what if 20 point reduction meant I was dead?)
Another big shift--Lucy can now almost always be convinced to sleep without my nipple in her mouth.
And--the new night pattern seems to be holding. Bed at 7, wake at 4:30, up for good by 7:30.
And--Dyami and I actually have a few hours to ourself at the end of the day! (Hubba, hubba!)

Now for the griping: I still can't get away from her at all when she's napping during the day. Well, nipple out of mouth kind of counts, but I'd prefer to be out of bed when she's not napping. She's napping right now, in the sling on my shoulder. It's hard to type while slinging.

I forsee another trip to Melissa's, soon. For more encouragement and brainstorming.


Melissa said...

Come back over. More brainstorming. More encouragement. Today was just hanging out. Also fun, but less useful. :)

Mama C-ta said...

Yeah I got nothing for ya as I still nurse a 17 month old all night long and just spent an hour nursing him to sleep.

BUT! His naps have greatly improved over time. Eh, it's something right? Good luck.