Saturday, December 16, 2006

hack mommy

Hack Mommy is one of the only people who comments on my blog (the only proof I have anyone reads this thing), so it's a little odd writing a post about her. Am I pandering to my audience?
But I have to tell a story about how calm she is. Would that I would learn from her example.
Melissa's three year old, Owen wanted a snack. An avocado.
Hack Mommy tries to help her children be self-sufficient and helpful. "Please go to the kitchen and pick your avocado," she said. "I will come and cut it up for you."
Owen comes back in a minute later. "I got the avocado and a knife," he says, in his cute three-year-old way.
Melissa purses her lips. "Owen, you're not allowed to touch knives. Did you touch a knife?"
Own grins. "Yes," he says, proudly.
I'm thinking of him rummaging through the silverware, picking out a table knife--or yikes! a steak knife.
Melissa goes into the kitchen. Next to the ripe avocado is a chef's knife (almost) the size of my forearm. Melissa, still calm, asks Owen, "Owen, is this the knife you touched?"
"Yes," says Owen.
"Where did you find the knife?" she asks, still calm.
"It was in the dishwasher," he says, still proud.
She looks at me, still (!) calm. "Well, isn't that terrifying."


Melissa said...

Terrifying still. Especially because we keep EVERY SINGLE sharp thing in the house locked up. Except when they're in the dishwasher. Argggh, the flaw in my brilliant childproofing strategy. Oh well, everyone's still got fingers.

Mama C-ta said...

Melissa - don't you know you are just supposed to let dirty dishes pile up in the sink and don't let them actually make it to the dishwasher? Oh well I guess that won't prevent little ones from losing limbs.

I haven't met Melissa in person but I can sense this calmness from her online. I guess this is a good time to admit she's my mommy roll model. Actually I wish I could pay her to take over for me.

Welcome to blogging and congrats on your new babe :)

BTW, this is an old account, I'm from