Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today our big accomplishment was going to get some groceries. Lucy kind of freaked out in the parking lot as we arrived (she's developed a marked preference for one breast over the other, and is extremely offended when I offer the the "inferior" brand). She also needed to pee. So I barrelled through Trader Joe's , crying baby in sling, and got to the bathroom...and it was occupied. Finally, the woman came out, and I went in there--and Lucy successfully peed. And still was freaking out because I was offering Brand X boob. Switch sling, latch on, bounce bounce bounce. Mothers should really have second careers as jugglers.
I managed to shop with her asleep/nursing (we'll just say slurping for short) and decided, upon getting helped back to the car, not to wake her up to go home just yet. No more interrupted sleep for Lucy for a while, if I can help it.

So I got some lunch at Pickup Stix. I evaluated my options, and decided to stand at the counter to eat. I have this protruding bump coming out of my midsection (reminds me of pregnancy), and have to eat left handed because Lucy prefers brand Y boob. Standing up is the easiest option when slinging. However, eating at the counter increases my weirdness factor (which is already through the roof when slinging/slurping). Restaurant counters seem to be purely decorative features these days. Who the heck sits at the counter at Pickup Stix? Much less stands?! Anyway, I got a great view of the girl refilling teriyaki ramekins.

Oh, and did I mention that my super-discrete tops were all in the wash, and I was wearing a sling with a very short tail? With way more boobage showing underneath it than I was comfortable with? And that when lucy was freaking out, she kept pushing her head back, against my very precarious tail cover? I felt like I was shopping naked. I guess I was sort of shopping in naked--I think noone could see anything. If you were there, and could, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

A shout out for these two angelic acts of service:
  • At TJ's, the cashier forgot to ring up a bottle of water I'd opened and stuck in the front of the cart--but she waved it off and just gave it to me for free. Thanks, TJ's lady!
  • I dropped all my change from my purse when I was paying and a nice older lady came over to pick it up for me. She was a little stiff in the joints, and probably I could (almost) have done it easier than her. Then she grinned at me while I was eating my lunch. Granted it made me feel conspicuous, but then, I also was waring a huge blue polka-dotted hump that was sucking on my boob. So go figure.
But we got groceries. Key items: cookies, cereal, and beer. Momma's happy, now.

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Melissa said...

You couldn't have picked up some name-brand boob at the market? Oh, no, I guess you couldn't. Well, cookies and beer are the next best thing.