Saturday, January 6, 2007

baby clothes

I think clothing manufacturers send psycotropic drugs to grandparents. And other baby well-wishers. Especially when said baby is a girl.
We have received a lot (a lot!) of baby clothing. I was so naive before Lucy was born. At her shower, I got a few outfits, very cute ones. But not a ton of clothes, all told. I thought, I might need to go buy a few outfits to finish her wardrobe. A few shirts, perhaps?
Then we got some handmedowns from friends. A wardrobe full of handmedowns. No more shopping necessary.
"We have everything we need," I told everyone. (And with one dresser drawer full of space to devote to Lucy, I was pretty serious.
Then Lucy was born.
And the packages started arriving.
Baby jean jackets. Baby dresses. Hats. Onesies (millions of them). Summer clothes. Newborn, one-year-old clothes. Sleepers. Sweat suits. Shoes. Socks.
Don't get me wrong--they're all cute. And would be very useful.
If she didn't already have more clothes than Imelda Marcos.
My mom, in the first months, started bringing over even more clothes. Because she's my mom and is nice, I was able to tell her Lucy didn't need any more clothes.
I have already taken a few bunches to Goodwill. And given back some hand-me-downs. And bought plastic bins for the clothes for later sizes.
And the one drawer is packed.

This wouldn't bother me so much, except I barely have the energy to change Lucy every few days. When she has enough outfits for two per day, minimum, this gets disheartening. She has already outgrown several things she's never worn. And other stuff she's outgrown, she only wore once, (and that was because I was feeling pressured to have her wear the stuff.) I had some stuff in a plastic bin in the laundry room, waiting for the tags to be taken off and for the stuff to be washed when I had time. When I had time, she was already too big for it.

And then came Christmas. Sigh. More clothes. From grandparents and great-grandparents. Again, a lot of it is absolutely exquisite! I actually wish I could wear some of it. A jean skirt with a denim hat! A sun dress! A Tommy Hilfiger sweatsuit! A hand-made outfit!

Oh, dear Lord. What am I going to do with it all?


Melissa said...

Start telling people she's wearing a size 3T.

Heather said...

See, but they don't ask what size she is. If they asked, I could keep them from buying more clothes!

Susan said...

I don't know how to get them to stop coming, but I am going down to Polinski next week.
I also happen to know a few foster families who love extra clothes.

Heather said...

Oh--great idea. I'll put a bag together for you when I can...

AlexandraHere said...

I keep an online registry at This helps me, my friends and family, so, they know what size of baby clothes and accessories to buy. Great for her birthdays and special occasions! Just an idea! :)

Anonymous said...

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